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Cycling Safety Roundtable


ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

In Cycling, Health and Safety, the ITF describes the positive public health impacts of cycling as a mobility option. There is however concern among policymakers that getting people to cycle more carries a risk of more road traffic injuries and fatalities. In this context, it is important to identify and learn from best international practice in reducing the risk of serious and fatal casualties.

 The roundtable brings together a range of international stakeholders and experts. They will share their experience on cycling safety questions and discuss the policy options for reducing traffic injuries whilst promoting active travel. In particular, four groups of questions will be examined in greater detail:

  • Can we measure cycle safety? Can we monitor safety over time in the context of growing use of bikes? Can we benchmark countries in a meaningful and comparable way?
  • What is the road safety impact of e-bikes? Which policies have been developed or should be envisaged to make them safer?
  • What is the road safety impact of public bike systems, either dock-based or dockless? Which policies will maximise the public health benefit of such systems?
  • Can we recommend light segregation as a solution to the rapid development of a low-cost large-scale protected cycling infrastructure network?